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Art is where the heart is… and the fashion and beauty industry are making an arty move to prove it. Combining fashion and art has always created an innovative path for the respective industries, and that’s why designers and brands make an extra creative effort to bring both mediums together.

Just like art doesn’t just need to be confined to the four walls of a museum, similarly, fashion doesn’t need to restrict itself to conventional ideas. On and off the runway, when art and fashion have come together, you ought to witness fireworks. Here’s a look at some innovative, creative, and eco-friendly art meets fashion initiatives making heads turn this year.

Every brush stroke is a celebration of emotions created by the artist. Payal Singhal’s love for art began with her National Award-winning, renowned artist grandfather J P Singhal, who was her driving force. The pandemic allowed her to put a paintbrush to paper, which ended up as the inspiration for her Painterly.

Celebrating art and the artist in her creations, was textile designer Sanjukta Dutta, who used paintings of artists Jamini Roy and Frida Kahlo in her signature Mekhela Chador collection. For Sanjukta, the idea was to modify the traditional prints and modernize them to attract the younger generation towards the traditional weave.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And making a mark with their art at the Lakme Lounge were three young artists Jessica George, Neethi and Sadhna Prasad. The murals presented by the young artists expressed inclusivity, growth, and the beautiful mind of a modern woman. Jessica, who was elated to present her work at the recently concluded FDCI x Lakme Fashion Week, expressed her opinion about the brand blending art and fashion on one platform. “Art and fashion have always been intrinsically linked to one another. Art influences fashion and vice versa. With Lakme celebrating 70 years, I can see how the trends have evolved over the years and how the disciplines have become mutually beneficial for one another,” expressed Jessica George.

And fashion and art are incomplete without a little entertainment, right? For a very long time, fashion shows have played host to performing arts. Blending perfectly with fashion, the runway has seen an array of dance styles and acrobats take centre stage on the runway. The Neemrana Music Foundation acapella singers and pianist at Rajesh Pratap Singh’s Lakme Absolute Grand Finale transported the audience to the 19th century, while the-tech imagery of free-falling people suspended mid-air brought them forward to the 22nd century.

Giving a creative approach to his show, Akshat Bansal of Bloni, presented a trinity of visuals, sounds and movements – all experimental in ways of creation like coding for visualization, live sounds using body sensors, and an aerial performance that provided a flexible anchor and pillar.

In September this year, sneakerheads witnessed the biggest sneaker wall created by The Mainstreet Marketplace. A piece of art, the convention was a perfect showcase where art met fashion. When asked about blending art and fashion on a big scale, Vedant Lamba, founder, of The Mainstreet Marketplace, said, “I don’t think there’s any sort of “blending” happening at all actually! We are now at a stage where it is all one. No one is buying shoes for their functionality – even if they’re buying running shoes. Everything is about a higher purpose. What it stands for, where it comes from, and what it says. All of it!”

So, what did the wall signify? “Our sneaker wall was a statement of who we are and what we, as an organisation, stand for. We wanted to make a statement – show the world that India has what it takes to make a mark in this space – and that our time has come. That’s what the event was about,” expressed Vedant.