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NC4RSO Services: Support for Community Organizations Delivering Jail-Prison-Reentry Programs

As the national coalition for U.S. community groups (nonprofits) involved in jails, prisons, and community reentry, NC4RSO serves your organization's needs as you deliver front-line services. NC4RSO is here to make your job easier and more effective!





Community organizations around the U.S. are joining NC4RSO, thus taking the opportunity to:

  • Find other community organizations that do the same things they are doing (locally or nationally)

  • Learn from each other

  • Support each other

  • Learn about the activities of other organizations in jails, prisons, and reentry. 

When is your group going to join?





NC4RSO's Research Center delivers studies relevant for community nonprofits involved in jails, prisons, and re-entry.  Visit our research center here.


In addition, we aggregate important, useful information into documents that you can use and share.  We also refer people to great information generated by other organizations. Our brochures that you can freely distribute to interested parties cover topics such as:


  • Statistics about correctional facilities and incarceration levels

  • Supporting rehabilitation programs with best practices resources

  • Working successfully with the DOC

    Communicating with the public about corrections and volunteering

    And more!

 Contact us for brochures.





We provide all kinds of referrals and training support:

  • VOLUNTEER REFERRALS:We make it easy for potential volunteers from around the country to find our website.  We then refer them to local nonprofits in their communities - such as your group.

  • ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH: When your organization needs to expand or you need to develop a new jail, prison, or reentry nonprofit in your community, we provide training and support.

  • FILLING GAPS IN COMMUNITY SERVICES: We support the growth of community services around the country to meet gaps in local services.  

  • FUNDING:We provide information to members about searching for - and applying for - funding (grants, etc.).

  • INFO/STATISTICS: We help member organizations find information - such as industry statistics - that help members do planning and project management.



NC4RSO is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit.  As a national coalition, we communicate broadly with public on topics relating to topics of interest to member organizations.  In addition, NC4RSO exists to engage stakeholders - community groups, policy makers, etc. - in informed discussion (public forums, informational meetings, educational material, etc.) on topics such as incarceration, related social programs, improving rehabilitation outcomes, corrections-related civic engagement, and on policies that may affect the ability of our member organizations to deliver their services.


Membership Information


There are two categories of membership at NC4RSO - full members and supporting/affiliate members.

Call us: (206) 525-5056

Full Membership

Full membership in the National Coalition of Community-Based Correctional and Community Re-Entry Service Organizations (NC4RSO), as suggested by our title, is open to U.S. community groups involved in jails, prison, justice, and community re-entry.  Join current members across the country - from coast to coast - in the benefits of belonging to NC4RSO.

We focus our membership on organizations that are nonprofit, community-driven, and/or former-inmate-driven. Membership is open to groups that are solution-oriented, focused on serving constituents (a specific demographic group, societal education, etc.), and that foster goodwill.

Full-member organizations receive all membership benefits, including full internal dialogue between members.  Members benefit from informational resources (white papers, personalized research, newsletters, etc.), referral services, personalized support for organizational development, free publicity, and training opportunities.  Click on the link above (i.e., "click here" for more info). 

There is a voluntary annual membership fee of $35 for members who can afford it.


Contact us today about becoming a member!


Supporting/Affiliate Members


Supporting/affiliate membership in the National Coalition of Community-Based Correctional and Community Re-Entry Service Organizations (NC4RSO) is open to individuals and other organizations who support our mission and objectives.


NC4RSO appreciates the support of our affiliate organizations and individuals who support the mission and objectives of NC4RSO and of our member organizations.  In terms of membership benefits, access to some aspects of membership - such as decisions about the direction of the organization - must be limited to full members. 


Types of Supporting/Affiliate Members:


• Other Associations (medical, social services, etc. - not corrections-specific groups who support our work): Dues - $100/year
• Non-U.S. community-based correctional and community re-entry service organizations: Dues - $100/year

• Government Agencies (corrections-related, such as DOC)

• Faith-Based Organizations

• Businesses

• Individuals - Community members who support our mission, students

• Sustaining Supporters: Please contact us about financial contributions of sustaining members


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  NC4RSO is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization



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