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Recognizing "Jail, Prison, and Post-Incarceration Reentry" Nonprofits     


The National Network of Prison Nonprofits is the U.S.'s national network for community programs (primarily nonprofits) delivering programs and services in jails, prisons, and post-incarceration reentry.  Learn more about us by visiting other pages of our website.


This page is where we recognize individual "prison and reentry nonprofits."  Individual "prison and reentry nonprofits" deliver prison and reentry programs such as mentoring, parenting programs, nonviolent communication classes, education, religious prison ministries, and local post-incarceration reentry support.  Visit us again soon as we recognize nonprofits on a rotating basis. 



The Fortune Society


New York's The Fortune Society is among the local community-based programs around the country that provide reentry services for people following incarceration.  This organization got its' start in 1967.  They offer a range of services that broadly fit the definition of 'wrap around" - meaning inclusive services - such as employment assistance, education, health and nutrition support, family support services, and advocacy.  

The Fortune Society provides support to nearly 7,000 people per year - one of the higher caseload levels of support provided by a "prison and reentry nonprofit" and they are one of the more well-known "prison and reentry nonprofits" in the USA.



Additional Comments from the National Network of Prison Nonprofits (NC4RSO):


If you are in the New York area and wish to support success for people returning from prison locally, contact The Fortune Society for further information.   You can start by visiting the "how to help" page on their website.



Previously Recognized Nonprofits:

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