In the Age of Mass Incarceration

 Join our One-for-One Campaign!


For every dollar you donate, we introduce another member of the public to the concept of prison volunteerism.  That's one person (you) connecting with one potential prison volunteer = our one-to-one campaign.


Everyone wins!



Every dollar donated to our One-for-one program goes toward public engagement for reducing incarceration/

Your donation to the National Network of Prison Nonprofits is a simple, straightforward way to make a difference.

Challenges in our communities require public involvement to get to solutions.  In the case of incarceration, community groups that deliver prison and reentry programs are a public engagement way for members of the community to contribute to reducing incarceration through successful reentry for people who are incarcerated, thereby reducing the number of people who return to prison after release (recidiiviism). Your one-for-one donations: 

Allow us to reach more members of the public through social media to educate them about prison and reentry volunteerism (one new outreach for every dollar contributed), OR

Cover the mailing cost of sending prison volunteerism info to a potential prison/reentry volunteer, OR

Contribute to the staffing cost of corresponding by phone and/or email with a potential prison/reentry volunteer.


 Your one-to-one donation of $25 helps us connect with 25 potential volunteers.


Your donation of  $50 helps us connect with 50  potential volunteers.


Your donation of  $75  helps us connect with 75  potential volunteers.


And on it goes....


How many potential volunteers can you help 

us reach?  Prison/reentry volunteerism has an impact!


Thank you

NC4RSO is registered with the IRS as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, so your donations are - of course - tax-deductible.

You can donate online below.  If you prefer to mail in a check, mail it to NC4RSO, ATTN: Donations, 505 NE 70th St. #703, Seattle, WA  98115.   Mention "2016 Advocate" with any personal check.   Also, you can call-in your donation to (206) 525-5056. 


 Because no one is just another brick in the wall.



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  NC4RSO is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization


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