Brick in the Wall Campaign 2017


Become a Brick in Our Donor Wall   To support our mission of having no one 

just be another brick in the wall.


The National Network of Prison Nonprofits (NC4RSO) is devoted exclusively to community organizations that deliver front-line programs in jails, prisons, and post-incarceration reentry.

When the "National Day of Prison and Reentry Nonprofits" comes around in 2017, we want "prison and reentry nonprofits" in every state to be wearing our "No one is just another brick in the wall" t-shirts.

You can help us print and distribute these t-shirts.  By becoming one of the bricks in our wall (a donor for our t-shirt campaign), you will help inform the public about community-based programs that make sure that one one who is - or was - incarcerated is just another brick in the wall.  

Also, your donation toward this t-shirt "public awareness" campaign ensures that individual nonprofits are committing their funds directly to programming while also receiving these t-shirts to educate the public about prison and reentry programming.  

When you donate here, your name goes publicly on our wall as a donor for our "National Day of Prison Nonprofits" page.  People will know that you are one of the bricks in our donor wall.

Also, you can specify which nonprofit will receive t-shirts as a result of your donation (optional).

Each shirt has the shown image, image: Because no one is just another brick, commentary about prison/reentry nonprofits.

Support this campaign at the level you can afford.  Recognize that there are printing and distribution costs for EACH shirt - which means that donations of $25 or more are appreciated.  If you can support the cost of multiple shirts, we appreciate every shirt that you help make possible ($25 x 2, 3, 4.....).







Order Your Own T-Shirt

NOTE: We have to pay tax on shirts that are bought rather than donated, so we have to charge shipping on these shirts to compensate.  Also, we print and ship in batches (we'll let you know if there's any delay on your order). Thank you for understanding.




Thank you!

Learn more here about the National Day of Prison and Reentry Nonprofits

(November 4, 2016)


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